Revealing people’s genuineness

Why coaching?

“All people are entrepreneurs, but many don't have the opportunity to find that out.”

Muhammad Yunus

Each individual has an innate potential to reveal. Coaching individuals is about feeling each person and understanding her feelings. The answers are like seeds: they only need a bit of water and light to come up. The coachee progressively becomes entrepreneur of his own life. He will sooner or later fly on his own.

The deep purpose of a team is accordingly to transcend people through a common project. Team  coaching consists of creating the emotional glue allowing humans to be fully themselves. From there, they start to open up, co-create, surprise and feed themselves continuously. Magic is within reach.

“If you value the team, the team values you.”


Why “Teamfullness”?

People aspire to be fully themselves, whatever project they undertake in life. The genuineness of each individual allows the fullness of a team. Performance is only a consequence of a healthy human dynamic. Such a human dynamic depends on different factors, commonly known as the “living system”. An inspiring environment enables organizations to breathe and become a transcending project for their people.

Teamfullness offers an external ear for organizations to reflect, reveal their full human potential and be able to unleash their own magic.

What are the pillars of Teamfullness?


The beauty of each person comes from its imperfection.


Humility requires sweat and perseverance in the pursuit of any goal.

Open up to magic

Good surprises come out of good people.



Conferences aim at providing an insight of what we believe is right for teams and organizations to flourish humanly speaking. Teamfullness' approach may then fit with the needs of some ongoing projects, opening the door of coaching or training. 




Coaching aims at revealing the full human potential of organizations to unleash their own magic. It can be done both ways, through: 

Team coaching, creating consistent alignment and converting such alignment into action for continuous flourishment.

Individual coaching, supporting individuals to find their inner balance in their life or within a team. 


Our workshops provide effective tools for organizations to improve as a living system. They can be focused either on the leadership skills of your managers or on the building process of your team, depending on your needs and expectations.

Experiential approach

“Learning by living.”

Each coaching or training session can be combined with a refreshing human experience. It can be through a rugby workshop or a special guest venue. Feelings and emotions feed our hearts and shape our spirits. They make us learn about ourselves and grow as a team.

Our playgrounds

What are our playgrounds?


Organizations need to be meaningful in a world where people are seeking for sense to share a common project. Finding the keys for people’s sustainable flourishment is paramount to exist as a living system.

Social enterprises

Social enterprises also face challenges as a living system. The emotional engagement of people must remain a strength through consistent human alignment, rather than becoming a danger for the common project. 


Sport is emotion. It’s a human adventure. It is therefore key to create an emotional glue within any team and to clarify the human project before speaking about the pitch itself. 


What are the teams that we support?




Revealing People's Genuineness

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