Revealing people’s genuineness

Why coaching?

"All people are entrepreneurs, but many don't have the opportunity to find that out."

Muhammad Yunus

Each individual has an innate potential to reveal. Coaching human beings is about feeling each person and understanding her feelings. The answers are like seeds: they only need a bit of water and light to come up. The coachee progressively becomes entrepreneur of his or her own life. He will sooner or later fly on his own.

The deep purpose of a team is accordingly to transcend people through a common project. Team coaching consists of creating the emotional bond allowing humans to be fully themselves. From there, they start to open up, co-create, surprise and feed themselves continuously. Magic is within reach.

“If you value the team, the team values you.”

About us

Why teamfullness?

People aspire to be fully themselves, whatever project they undertake in life. The genuineness of each individual allows the fullness of a team. Performance is only a consequence of a healthy human dynamic. Such a human dynamic depends on different factors, commonly known as the “living system”. An inspiring environment enables organizations to breathe and become a transcending project for their people.

Teamfullness offers an external view for teams and organizations to reflect, reveal their human potential and be able to unleash their own magic.

Our Pillars


The beauty of every person comes from their imperfection.


Humility requires sweat and perseverance in the pursuit of any goal.

Open up to magic

Good surprises come out of good people.

Our team


“The emotional bond is intangible and immutable.”

With a background in law and management, I have had the pleasure to play for the Belgian national rugby team (2009-2017) and experience both moments of euphoria and frustration. I have come to know and accept myself within the beauty of my imperfection. A set of beliefs emerged from these genuine and heartfelt experiences. Hence, I founded "teamfullness" in 2018 to support individuals and teams, and provide them with what I had been lacking during my career: an emotional shoulder to lean on. Having Jill by my side is a pleasure of every day. Our convergence is natural, and we sense that great days are coming.


“You are never too young or too old for self-confidence.”

I am a professional hockey player and former captain of the Belgian Red Panthers for whom I played for over 10 years (2008-2020). My athletic career has been filled with intense emotions, both positive and negative and it is these very experiences that helped me shape the basic belief system I share with Nicolas today. What pushed me to join “teamfullness”?  The will to create a healthy environment for the teams I mentor and to enable every individual to find his or her place within the group.

Our Services


Our conferences provide an insight of what we believe is right for teams and organizations to flourish humanly speaking. Our approach may then fit to your needs, opening the door of coaching sessions or training workshops.



Coaching aims at revealing the human potential of teams and organizations to unleash their own magic. It can be done both ways, through:

Team coaching, creating a safe space allowing a consistent alignment and converting such alignment into action to unleash your team magic. 

Individual coaching, supporting team members to find their personal balance to better serve the common project.
It can also be done outside of any team, for life coaching purposes.


Our training workshops provide effective tools for teams and organizations to improve as a living system. They aim at helping your managers to become better captains within their teams, focusing both on the team building process and the enhancement of their leadership skills. 

Experiential approach

“Learning by living.”

Each coaching or training session can be combined with a genuine human experience. It can be through a rugby workshop or a special guest invitation. Feelings and emotions feed our hearts and shape our minds. They make us learn about ourselves and grow as a team.

Our playgrounds

What are our playgrounds?


Organizations need to be meaningful in a world where people are seeking for sense to share a common project. If people feel valued, they will value their team and wet the jersey the best they can.


Social enterprises also face human challenges as a living system. People’s emotional engagement must remain a strength through consistent alignment, rather than becoming a danger for the association.   

Team sports

Sport is emotion. It is a human adventure. It is therefore paramount to create an emotional bond and clarify the common project of the team before speaking of the pitch itself.

We trust each other

What are the teams that we support?


  • An extremely pleasant day thanks to a flexible and fluid methodology. For us, it was an opportunity to really embody ideas that had been floating around for a long time. Looking forward to continuing the journey together. Thank you!

    Gauthier Wyngaard,
    Director, leader and in charge of Hockey at Decathlon Belgium

  • Thanks to Nico and Teamfullness, we were able to see beyond numerical targets. He has freed up the floor. We talked it out and explained things. We argued sometimes but also hugged each other. A real team is born. With a real identity. It’s our Pack!

    Arnaud Montero,
    Captain of the Royal La Louvière Hockey Club

  • Sporting goals were achieved through the development of our personal desires. Teamfullness allowed everyone to find its place within the group!

    Dimitri Destrebecq,
    Vice-Captain of the Royal La Louvière Hockey Club




Revealing People's Genuineness

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